Green Leaves print
Green Leaves by Bebops

Sometimes I think Earth Day is the most important holiday of all. If we don't give our planet the love she deserves, everything else will sooner or later go down the drain. We need daily reminders of the fragile beauty we all depend on. So I decided to run this blog to share Earth Day items I have created in my online store , Bebop's Place, using my original photographs and designs.

I am also constantly amazed at the wonderful products available from the rest of the Zazzle community and plan to showcase some of the best! I am hoping others will see this blog and will be moved to purchase some of these lovely items in support of our fragile planet.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Great for Earth Day or any day you want to Think Green! This shirt features a brilliant scarlet red cardinal. He is truly the king of backyard birds. Here he is perched on a snowy rail eating black oil sunflower seeds while the winter snow swirls around him. The text reads: Earth Day Every Day. It can be customized or deleted to suit your needs.

This Earth Day binder invites you to enter a green leafy world of peace and serenity. Dark maple leaves frame the image, leading to a sunny woodland scene with shades of yellow, white and forest green. The text reads: Earth Day. Customize it to suit your needs or delete it for a simple design.

This man can't carry the world alone. He needs your help to keep the earth green and beautiful by conserving and protecting the environment. It's a heavy load. Help him make this a green planet.

Take this bag shopping and stop using those annoying (and wasteful) plastic bags. Be kind to our's our only one.

Whether it's Earth Day or any other day, let this fun "world" design spread the environmental message. The text says "Show Me The Love - Earth Day - Every Day". It's finished with a cute earth character hugging a big red heart... complete with green feet!